Dam Sheets

Dam sheet is a multi-season flexible PVC cover sheeting with excellent flexural properties for putting up artificial dams. Being an outdoor material it is made in black colour to ensure it is properly protected from the ultra violet radiation emitted by the sun. Dam sheet is made in different sizes of the intended dam.

Dam sheet is very useful for horticultural farming where watering has to be done by sprinkling or by underground pipings nutrients in their right proportions.

During rainy seasons, the run-offs from greenhouse gutters can be redirected to these dams for use in the same greenhouses where direct rain is not required. The same water can also be used in open farm areas during dry seasons.

For those using seasonal river waters or bore-holes for irrigation, Dam sheets are ideal as the water can be pumped for storage before the river/streams dries up. Water is pumped to the dam when the water table is still high.

Dam sheet is also useful in fish farming where the soil is porous and there is need to retain water.


Durability Recommendations:

For prolonged use, apart from fish farming, we recommend that water going for storage should have minimum silt-load to avoid frequent desiltation. Where river waters are to be used, we recommend that the supply to the dam should be from the point where the river has deposited maximum silt-load, and this is why gutter-water collection is ideal.